Brief introduction of RIP

The RIP Software is produced in South Korea, matching the flatbed printer very well .

The RIP software is for white ink control, also called white ink software

Function of the RIP software
1. used for ink pipe, let each ink keep running in its own pipe.
Which makes the printed image more vivid &let the printed-image the same as original image
2. used for ink output, adjust the ink limit, so save ink, specially for white ink saving
3. x & y axis (coordinate), which matches the printing platform to get accurate setpoint.
4. ink system support
1) C.M.Y.K
2) Double C.M.Y.K
3) C.M.Y.K.W.W + C.M.Y.K.W.W.W.W

5. print with embossment
Language of the RIP Software: Korean, English and Chinese
Work with computer systems: Windows 98 / Me /vista/ 2000 / 07/09/XP/M/NT, most windows 8 will not accept it; Windows 10 will not be acceptble;

Details of the RIP Software
1) Interface
2)Setting For Your Printing Position & Size & Copies & Repeat
3) Setting for the printer:
– Resolution: 360*360dip, 720*720dpi, 1440*720dpi, 1440*1440dpi, 2880*1440, 2880*2880dpi, 5760*2880dpi;
– Both of the white color printing and colorful printing can be adjusted.
4) Image Type: Text And Graphic, Photograph
5) White Ink Dot Size: Same Dot size, Large Dot Size
6) Print Setting
7) Adjust The Ink Channel
8) Adjust The Ink Limit For Each Color
9) Adjust The Bright Of The Image
10) White Ink Control

More detailed images of the RIP software, pls check the PDF document

Brief introduction of RIP.pdf