Let’s go on the topicĀ application of the flatbed printer. Here I list simply as well.

Besides the personalized gift market , home decoration and furniture market,personalized product market and personalized video consumer goods market,there are more appplication of the flatbed printer machine.

5. movies, games, animation, pop culture products and their accessories market: With the popular trend,digital inkjet printer machine can print the current popularity of some movies, animation, HIP-HOP and other pictures or popular elements on some unfinished goods .


printer machine.jpg

6. Advertising and signage market: flatbed printer is also for high quality, high prices, small and medium-sized advertising and signage production, such as different kinds of metal membership cards, time cards, badges, listings, licensing and other full-color printing.

printed metal.jpg

7. Professional sample printing: NO need mould, some materials can be used repeatedly, which will bring low cost,computer direct typesetting, modification, production, simple operation, high efficiency, significantly reduce costs.

8. Professional high-quality small batch printing: inkjet printing,it doesn’t need plate film,transfer and film, but brings high image quality and ccurate color positioning. Besides,printable materials is rich.