Compared with traditional screen printing and hot transfer printing
A. Advantage
1. personalized customization: available to  print characters photos, portraits and other patterns without restrictions;
2.  3d embossed effect: The printed pattern visually presents a 3D effect, the hand feels bumpy and uneven, and increases the added value;
3.  the operation is simple: the computer controls the equipment, the software is set up, the subsequent automated printing, saves the artificial;
4. the material is not limited: Piezoelectric inkjet principle, not in contact with the material, you can print a wide range of materials;
5. print effect: colorful,will not fade from color
6. suitable for individual entrepreneurship, purchase costs are low.

B. Disadvantages
1. compared with the traditional screen printing, thermal transfer, slower speed, suitable for short-term 3d relief digital printing needs;
2. Belong to the Epson nozzle conversion machine, the technology received restrictions, so the print format is limited.