different models of t-shirt printing machines made in China

DTG printer means direct to garment. There are A1+, A2+,A3+ size dtg printer machines. It is for CMYKW printing on textile, cotton, fabric, garment and more directly by textile ink. Dark color t-shirt is much better by printed by 2 print heads based t-shirt printer. Printed t-shirts will not fade from color even washed by washing machine and hand.

Food Printing Machine made in China

Food printer means directly printing onto food. There are A1+, A2+,A3+ size food printer machines. It is for CMYKLc LmĀ  printing image or logo on cake,macaron, candy, cookie, chocolate,marshmall, coffee and more directly by edible ink. Printed food are edible.

UV flatbed printer machine

UV printer is different from DTG and food printer. There are also A1+, A2+,A3+ size UV flatbed printers. It is for CMYK+W printing on many different materials , such as metal, glass, wood, acrylic, PU/leather, plastic, cylinder bottle 360 degree, gift items and so on with uv ink. UV printing, it dry at once, no need coating for almost all materials printing and available to print with embossment.

Phone case printer is for different kinds of phone case printing, such as pc case, tpu soft case, glass case and more. There are also A1+ size phone case UV printer and A2+,A3+ size. It is CMYKW color printing.

eco-solvent printer machine

Eco-solvent printer is different from uv printer. It use eco-solvent ink, printing color is similar to original images at least 95%.

Here are hot press machine, tray/holder, ink(uv ink/edible ink/textile ink), cleaning liquid, coating and printing software.
Function of hot press machine:
1. before printing , use it to get the T-shirt and uniform smooth ( not plicated) for getting best printing result.
2. after printing , use it to get the T-shirt and union dry fast and make it stable.

Printer spare parts mainly about printer ciss( damper and ink tube), cleaning unit and print head. Sometimes, mainboard.

Handeld fiber marking machine, laser flying fiber marking machine, separated fiber marking machine, desktop fiber marking machine, portable fiber marking machine and enclosed type fiber marking machine

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