• What is white ink circulation system

    Printing problems such as plugging, delamination, ink-cutting, and ink-leakage have been a worldwide technical problem that has plagued the inkjet printer industry. With its own decades of technical test in the industry, Lester developed on the basis of existing technologies. A new type of automatic recirculating ink supply system suitable for white ink is adopted, and in 2014, a patent certificate issued by the State Intellectual Property Office was obtained.

    The system uses TRIZ innovation principles, integrates a number of mechanical and physical methods to improve the stability of white ink, and can automatically convert the ink at the bottom of external ink cartridges and printer cartridges into high-quality printing inks with good mixing, no precipitation, and no air. Through comparative experiments, it was verified that the present invention has a unique and novel system design, requires no manual operation, immediately enters a stable working state after the device is started,effectively prevents the precipitation and delamination of TiO2 in the white ink, and the external ink cartridge has a high regeneration stability. The ink function can reduce waste of ink by up to 80% or more, thereby greatly reducing operating costs; achieving trouble-free operation, achieving high productivity and excellent image quality, and providing opportunities for the mass production of large-scale digital direct printers.

  • Why use a white ink circulation system

    1. When we print patterns on dark objects, we need white ink to make the bottom.The main component of white ink is titanium dioxide, which is the same as the main component of correction fluid, and it is easy to produce stratification and precipitate. Although the suspension agent components in white ink, Can slow down but can not prevent the formation of layered precipitation, the nozzle hole of the printer nozzle is very small, only 2/3 of the hair, when the white ink layering and precipitation, the print head can be easily blocked, cleaning is blocked by white ink When printing the head, not only will a lot of ink be wasted, but the possibility of the print head being repaired is so low.

    2. To deal with this problem, there are two traditional approaches

    A: Add an ink pump in the ink bottle. This method only allows the white ink in the ink bottle to flow. However, the white ink in the ink tube and the ink bag remains still. It is easy to produce stratification and precipitation. The first ink used is from the ink bag closer to the nozzle. When the ink tube and the ink bag are delaminated and precipitated, the nozzle will be blocked.

    B: Stirring or shaking, Epson printing uses manual shaking of the ink bottle at intervals to prevent sedimentation, because it is manual shaking, so it does not have continuity, and stirring or shaking can still only solve the partial circulation of the ink bottle part. Taking into account the ink tube, ink bag, and stirring will produce bubbles, will produce a broken ink situation, this method can not only solve the problem of plug nozzle, but also encountered the problem of the lack of air bubble.

  • White ink cycle advantages

    The white ink circulation system solves the problem of white ink deposits clogging the nozzles,extending the life of the nozzles by three to five times, and saving 5 to 8 nozzles a year.

    The white ink cycle also has a very significant ink-saving function. Under the same conditions,its ink consumption accounts for about 40% of the similar products.

    The white ink circulation pattern is very bright,because the white ink will not produce precipitation, the white background is white enough,the color is more vivid, on the contrary, the background gray,the pattern is very dark, not bright.

    After the launch of the Lester White Ink Recycling System, its peers followed suit and both claimed that their products also used the white ink circulation system. However, due to the limitations of their own technology accumulation and patent infringement, the white ink recycling system designed could not achieve a breakthrough. As sex progresses, the white ink circulation process is confined to the local circulation of the white ink in the ink bottle, and it is impossible to solve the white ink flow cycle of the ink tube, ink pump, and ink bag that are closer to the nozzle, plugging, delamination, and ink breaking. Problems such as ink leakage still cannot be solved, and its print head and ink consumption are all five times more than that of Plant, resulting in continuous after-sales problems and high operating costs in the latter part of the year.

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What is waste sucking system

Waste sucking system is for sucking waste ink from print head automaticly, which protects print head from blogged.

We set the White ink circulation system and waste sucking system In our small UV printer and t-shirt printer, which is only had by our small printer.