Today, we share with you about another working principle of the UV flatbed printer.

It is the Color principle of the uv flatbed printer.

In the last bolg, we said the color principle make a difference to the printing effect.

  • Color principle:

    The basic color combinations are C (cyan), M (Magenta), Y (yellow), K (black), and W (white), in addition to LC light blue, LK black, LLK light black, and Spot color green, silver and other colors,Printing pattern will match the appropriate color according to the actual material by itself.

    The color software are photoprint, Mengtai, RIP etc. The functions of these three kinds of software are similar and all are edited before pattern printing.

    Because of the white UV ink, UV printer has two more functions than usual eco solvent printer. One is the effect of embossing, using white ink to pile up on the surface of the material to form a high and low unevenness, and then print color on the surface. The other is that dark color based materials can be printed on the color pattern as white ink at bottom, as a result of which, UV printer is being widely used now.