Now, we share with you about last working principle of the UV flatbed printer.

It is the Imaging principle of the uv flatbed printer.

UV printer printing.jpg

In the last bolg, we said theĀ imaging principle impacts on the printing efficiency.

Imaging principle:

Imaging is achieved by photochemical curing agents in the uv ink and ultraviolet light waves emitted by the led lamp to produce a chemical reaction that does not dry in the traditional heat or natural drying. Due to the short reaction time, the pattern can be cured within 3 seconds, shortening the production time of the finished product.

uv printer.jpg

However, because the uv ink itself is a matt nature, the resulting image is a little dark and not bright enough as the image printed by eco-solvent printer and t-shirt printer ( showed by last image ) . In view of this situation, a transparent liquid can be applied to the surface of the pattern in the form of uv varnish (varnish) to achieve a highlight effect. Till now, UV printer is good enough for printing.