The working principle of uv flatbed printer mainly includes three principles: printing principle, color principle and imaging principle. The printing principle affects its printing range, the color principle make a difference to the printing effect,and the imaging principle impacts on the printing efficiency.

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Printing Principle

The uv flatbed printer adopts the principle of piezoelectric inkjet printing, which is different from the thermal foaming type and the principle of screen printing, hot transfer and screen printing etc. It controls the ink goes through the internal voltage of the nozzle and sprays it onto the surface of the material to be printed. Therefore, there is no need for processes such as plate making, filming, and chromatography before printing.

Because it is not in direct contact with the printing materials, ink is printed onto the surface of the material in the air-to-air ink jet format, which broadens the printing range of the material and is no longer limited to one material, like glass, ceramic tile, acrylic, metal, leather,wood etc. These materials can be printed by one printer machine.

The UV flatbed printer is multi-function, usually it use UV ink for printing on different kinds of materials.

In the following bolg, I will share with you about theĀ color principle andĀ imaging principle for UV flatbed printer.