How to do Maintenance for UV Printer Head when you buy a printer ? Here are 5 tips for your reference.

1. Cleaning and maintenance of printer head nozzles:  when you start to use uv printer daily, be sure to check the status of the nozzles and do print head testing on the testing paper. If the displayed stripes are not broken, the colors are normal, which indicates that the printer head is in good condition,if not,you have to clean the nozzles.

printer head testing.jpg

2. Printer head maintenance at night: if you won’t to use the printer machine, it is necessary to cover the ink stack moisture by a non-woven fabric, add moisturizing liquid on it, and then move the nozzle to the top of the ink stack, last, press the printer head onto the ink stack.

3. Requirements of the surrounding environment for printer head:  as we know UV ink  reacts with UV rays into soild. To prevent the UV light in the sunlight from reacting with the ink, it is necessary to secure the printer machine  in a cool and backlit place, by which , it can make its life longer.

4. Maintenance of the print head shell: it should be kept clean to avoid dust and other covering on the surface. At the same time, when the printer head is not working, it needs to be covered with a layer of black cloth to prevent other light from entering.

5. Key point for printer head maintenance : daily prevention. Any uv flatbed printer head nozzles is very sophisticated, which requires our daily prevention and more attention to maintenance. For example, if it is found that there is no ink in the print head, we need to solve it immediately. Even if we will not to print one day, you’d better to do printing testing.

That is all, hope it help you.