1. Suitable for any material printing.
1) Application of T-shirt printer :
digital fabric printing machine for clothes,t-shirt,shoes,cloth bag,pillow,shoes,socks,textile,garment,cap,hat,canvas,silk ect printing
2) Application of edible food printer :
digital food printing machine cake,cupcake,M&M candy,chocolate,macarons,marshmallow,lollipop,cookies,bread,biscuit and so on
3) Application of flatbed UV printer :
digital UV printing machine for Phone case, pvc, metal, tile,pen,gift items,leather,wood, MDF wood ,USB disks,and so on printing
Flatbed printer is multi-functional,using different ink for different kinds of materials printing.
Textile ink if or T-shirt printer, edible ink is for food printer, UV ink is for UV printer.

2. No need for plate making, printing is quick and inexpensive,various output software is available, and various file formats are supported.

3. With professional color management software, you can change color anytime anywhere without paying extra fees.
4. Sample finished in shoter time as print directly.
5.Printing directly brings time saving and lower cost. Full-color image,accurate positioning,reject rate is zero.

6.only 30 minutes, you can master high-quality without professional skills
7. Computer operation, which can be upgraded fast.