Hey, friend, can I add you WeChat?

At the moment, we often hear friends saying WeChat while chatting with friends. So what does the word WeChat mean?

WeChat:a mobile phone text and voice messaging communication service developed by Tencent in China.

(Tencent developed a mobile phone SMS and voice messaging communication service in China),

yes, it is we often say “WeChat.”

Chapter 1
Can I add your WeChat?
When you meet foreign friends you want to meet and want to get their contact information, don’t panic.
Can you say “Can I add your WeChat?” (if I can add you WeChat?), if you get the other person’s answer Yes,
then you can say “Let me scan your QR code.” (QR code QR code, which means let me scan your QR code.)

Chapter 2
Did you block me?
In life, we may also encounter some embarrassing things.
For example, if you suspect that you have been deleted or blacked out by someone, in English,
the question is “Did you block me ?” (block: limit, block Of course, I hope you will never use this sentence.

Chapter 3
Others give you praise, indicating that they like you very much. It is more appropriate to use Like,
and “Like” is a noun that expresses love and hobbies. It can also be a verb, that is, like, like.
“Cool! Just noticed more than 100 people like my selfie.”
(Fantastic, I just found out that my selfie was actually 100 people like it!)

Chapter 4
Follow me
When you want to be noticed, you can directly say that people around you say “Follow me!” (Follow me!),
and followers of your followers are “Follower” (followers, followers).
On the contrary, unfollowing is “Unfollow”, “I unfollowed his Microblog.” (I unfollowed his Weibo.)

Chapter 5
Post on the moments
The circle of English in the circle of friends is Moments. Moments means moments, moments,
and the circle of friends in English is “post on the moments.”
Everyone takes posts about their life in moments a few times every week.
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