When Father Day meets the World Cup, what do you want to say? It’s a perfect match! How can such a wonderful match! The Dragon Boat Festival meets Father’s Day, and Father’s Day meets the World Cup again. Dragon Boat Festival is traditional and sacred. Father loves greatness and selflessness. Football is passionate and fanatical. Father and son are both continuations of blood and spiritual inheritance. Aftertaste of childhood, there are many happy things, the most memorable of which is to wear a jersey to play football with his father and watch the ball together.

Speaking of football, talking about fathers, talking about the World Cup, I think this is a topic we talk about. Nearly every World Cup match will meet with the third Sunday in June. I think this is God. In the best arrangement, football and father are destined to be the topics that we are moving into.

In the summer of 2002, the Chinese team entered the World Cup for the first time in history. In the summer of that crowd of people, how many children in the country fell in love with football under the influence of their father and fell in love with the World Cup.

The national team Ruan Junzhe hit the goal post of the Brazilian team; the South Korean team eliminated Italy with the black whistle at home; the Spanish team reproved in anger; the German team beat Saudi Arabia 8-0, and Klose was born out of the 4th in the series. The rivers and lakes; Ronaldo finals shine, becoming a national idol; Calfu wins the gold cup, but silhouetted against the captain of German captain Kahn’s infinite sadness

These wonderful pictures, these eternal moments have already become the most beautiful gems in the memory of the father after the 60s and the memories of the children after 80 and 90. Football is full of passion and joy. It also bears the memories of generations of fans and witnessed the growth of the children who watched with their father.

Time is flying like streams, and beautiful times can be condensed into memories. Many years later, perhaps we became married and entered middle age, and my father was already pale and youthful. After a good, quiet time, drinking tea with my father, as the old cow ruminates, I think of watching the next year together. Perhaps this is the happiest moment of my life.

Thanksgiving father, Thanksgiving football !

father's day gift.jpg

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