In Order to be Irreplaceable One Must Always be Different

In prder to be irreplaceable one must always be different.

How to be different ?


Because the world is different, it is rich and varied.People must also be different, take their own path,and be the best themselves.In this age of individuality,innovation has become the fashion that people are chasing,changing people’s daily lives,and changing the ideas that people have long imprisoned. On the road to innovation,there is no age limit and everyone is equal.All people are on the same starting line.The fastest ones are not necessarily champions.The longest ones are winners.

Do not repeat, do not be boring, the only thing you must be unique. You don’t have to break the rules shockingly and find the right style. With a little thought and exquisite design, you can escape from barriers and become an irreplaceable person.

Here we have ink-jet flatbed multi-function printer. it is the unquie printer,which can help your unquie idea and design be true. It arts your lives and let you become unquie.

It is a type of ink-jet printing high-tech digital printing device that is non-contact with objects, so it can be free from any material restrictions and can print on wood, glass, crystal, metal plates, floor tiles, tiles, etc. CD, acrylic, plexi glass, EVA.KT board, leather, plastic, PP, PE, PVC, fabrics, stickers, stone and other surface color photo printing.

Direct output from computer data to the unique printing machine: direct printing, same as the design that you need to print.

Like today, The World Cup is the hot topic,but you can make you unquie as well .

textile printer.jpg

food printer.jpg

Bring your unique ideas into reality, you only need one Unquie printer machine.

We can customize the unquie printer machine for you.

Here are the videos for your reference.

1. A4 coffee printing Video               

2. Chocolate printing and test          

3. lollipop biscuit food printing video

5. Cake printing video A3 Printer     

8. 6 coffees printing video by A4 head moving printing machine

10. 58” 6 pieces of Macarons Printing video by food printer

11. 19” 5 pieces of marshmallow printing video

12. 57” printed black tshirt washing testing video don’t fade from color by washing

13. 5;17” Wolfman dark color black tshirt black textile DTG printing video by A3 t shirt printer

14.  3’53” A3 t shirt printer Color Tiger White color tshirt textile DTG printing and testing video