How to maintain the printer head nozzle?

  • 1. Use certified ink and versatile ink.

  • 2. Printer machine placement

    Temperature: Keep it at about 20-25 °C. If the ink is more than 30 °C, it is easy to cause blogged.

    Humidity: Try to be as humid as possible, and the humidity should be above 40.The nozzles will be easy to dry if it is too dry.

    Reason NO.2 is light: UV ink is the basic common sense when it is cured by light. The nozzle is exposed to strong light outside, and the ink tube is exposed to the outside. It also encounters strong light. He can cause the ink to dry and plug, so Do not place the machine at the door and the window where the sunlight can be directed. It is best not to have sunlight into the print studio room or the printing equipment. It is best to rely on the natural light in the room, which is not easy to cause plugging.

    Reason NO.3: wind, air flow is too strong, many people do not install air conditioning in the summer workshop, but install a large fan on the window, vigorously ventilating, the air flow too fast, causing the nozzle to dry quickly, because the wind is large ink solvent Volatilization will quickly become easy to dry and easy to plug.

    Reason NO.4: the dust in the environment is very large, the dust and dust will enter the ink, it will adhere to the nozzle, it will enter the ink bottle, it will plug.

    Reason NO.5: the winter temperature is too low, resulting in increased ink viscosity, reduced fluency, no printout or broken ink.

    Reason NO.6: if the negative pressure device is not installed, the ink level of the positive pressure ink tank is too low, and the ink level is required to be higher than the nozzle by 20 cm or more! The requirement for using a negative pressure ink bag is about 20 cm below the nozzle. If a negative pressure system is installed, the negative pressure is too large and the ink supply is insufficient, and the ink is easily broken. The negative pressure is too small, it is easy to drop ink, and it is easy to accumulate ink and easily break the ink.

  • 3. Print head protection in shutdown state

    If there is an ink pad, sit on the ink pad and keep the airtight seal. The pipe on the lower side is not breathable, that is, the nozzle part does not enter the air, and does not enter the light!

    If you do not use the ink pad, you can use the cleaning solution or alcohol on the non-woven fabric, sit on the nozzle to moisturize, and check every other day to prevent it from drying out.

    Do not allow bubble nozzles! Do not allow bubble nozzles! Do not allow bubble nozzles. The bubble nozzle will be a bad nozzle for a long time. This is the experience.

  • 4. Check the state of the nozzle every day, found that the nozzle has a plugging phenomenon, immediately clean quickly, do not insist on printing in the same situation, cleaning the nozzle, ink can not be vigorously carried out, the bottom of the nozzle is very delicate, vigorously pumping ink damage to the nozzle Extremely huge, it is easy to cause the nozzle to smear! Many nozzles are not worn out, and more than half of the nozzles are broken.

    The correct method of pumping can ensure that the life of the nozzle is extended several times. A simple example is to manually draw ink. After the ink pad is sealed on the nozzle, some air is needed in the syringe. Pull it slowly and slowly, and see that the ink droplets slowly enter the syringe. One drop, two drops, three drops, enough, you can stop pulling the syringe. After a minute of rest, naturally relax, remove the ink pad, wipe the nozzle, and then let the machine flash for half a minute, you can print.

    Many people encounter plugging, and a tube and a tube draw ink outward, causing the more pumping and the nozzle to be scrapped.

    It is not a lot of power to pump a good nozzle, the force of pumping more will only break the ink, more plugging, or scrapping the nozzle.

    Sum up —— a few key points about nozzle protection: ink, temperature, humidity, wind, light, correct ink extraction and correct sealing nozzle. As long as these key points are achieved, there is no problem with the life of the nozzles for more than one year. Did not do it, a few days is also very normal. Don’t complain if you break it, complain that it doesn’t work! You can buy equipment if you spend money, but it is normal for you to not get the technology to break! This point of experience is at least the absolute dry goods summed up by the tens of millions of worth of bad nozzles.  You can also spend thousands or 10,000 blocks to try to sum up.

  • 6. special circumstances:

    1) Special case 1: vigorously flushing the nozzle, will complete the great damage to the nozzle, not a dead horse when the live horse doctor do not use this method.  Washing the nozzle should be done by a professional person, and you have to explore it yourself! As light as possible, fast, short time, calculated in milliseconds! If you work hard for half a minute, you will get rid of thousands of dollars. If you don’t believe you can buy it.

    2) Special case 2: The operation should be careful. Every time you print the height of the nozzle, what is the automatic detection, the automatic height measurement is useless. The most useful thing is that the person checks before starting. If you don’t check, let the nozzle of the nozzle hit the printed object. The speed of this scrapped sprinkler is also relatively fast, you can all try, try to buy the sprinkler yourself when you try it yourself, don’t use the free one, guarantee a hit and a cool.

    3) Special case 3: Drop the ink onto the nozzle line, and then drop more, it can also flow into the circuit, huh, huh, it will burn directly, no matter how reluctant, how sad, how to say that you are deliberate It’s not intentional, as long as the power is on, it must be burned! The machine will not discuss with people, water will make you short circuit! Before powering on, find out, blow dry, dry, change the line, don’t worry about the pain line, heart pain line you will burn the nozzle.To eliminate everything that can short the nozzle circuit! Be careful and be careful when doing things.