• Q1:  Do we always need tray when we print on t-shirt,shoes,food,phone case and so on ?
    A:  No, we don’t .

  • Q2: When we need it ?

  • 1. For textile printing , we have to use tray to fix them ( cap,hat,shoes,socks,t-shirt printing )

  • 2.  For mug and cylinder printing, we need tray to fix it

  • 3. If you want to prin grouply, you need tray

  • 4. If only print one by one, we don’t need tray

  • Q3:  How many can we print one time when using a tray for printing ?
    A: I show you by image here (It is based on the printer printing size )
    If the printer printing size is 33 * 60 cm, and the diameter of your cookie is 3” = 7.62cm
    we can print 28 pcs of cookies one time when printing.

cookies tray 01
cookies tray 03candys tray 09