LESTER  is a professional factory of inkjet flatbed printer with 10 years of history. Here I will introduce to you the print head cleaning methods, hoping to help the family.

There are many causes of print head  clogging, such as:

1) The print head is not properly sealed or placed for a long time after it is normally printed

2) ink contains impurities

3) print head attrited

4) The excessive evaporation of water causes the ink particles to dry at the tip of the print head so that the ink cannot be ejected normally.

Epson printer nozzle clogging cleaning methods

1. soaking method

Essential tools: 95% alcohol, smooth metal container on the bottom

How it works: Dissolve the ink particles one by one with medium-strength organic solvents. Note that you must use 95% organic solvent alcohol.

Solution: First find a metal container with a smooth bottom surface. Add a little alcohol with 95% organic solvent to the container. The amount of alcohol is just enough to cover the stainless steel edge of the print head (be careful not to expose the PCB to alcohol). Soaking time generally ranges from 2 hours to 4 days. The advantage is that the cleaning effect is good, and it is not easy to cause physical damage to the print head; the disadvantage is that it takes a long time and it is difficult to solve the urgent needs of the user.

2.  pressure cleaning method

Essential tools: 95% alcohol, a clean cup, a disposable syringe, and a disposable infusion set.

Working principle: Using the pressure generated by the siphon action of the syringe, the organic solvent, alcohol, is injected into the print head to achieve the function of cleaning the dry ink head.

Solution: Use a plastic pipe or needle part of a disposable infusion set to make the interface between the syringe and the ink supply port of the print head (the binding site must be tight). After the interface is finished, put the head of the print head at a concentration. 95% of the organic solvent alcohol, through the print head to inhale alcohol (note that only inhalation) in the syringe needle, inhaled several times. The advantage is that the cleaning effect is good. Heavily jammed printheads can be cleaned by this method. It is worth noting that when inhaling alcohol, it should be applied evenly and consistently. It will not cause physical damage. It is only necessary to make the interface by hand during the production of the actual situation. Therefore, professional maintenance technicians are required to cooperate. There is a certain amount of hands-on capability for hands-on repairs, and a good tool can ensure long-term use.

clean print head by hand .jpg

Note: Regardless of the reason, the circuit board of the printer nozzle must not be exposed to water. Apply hair dryer to blow dry, it is best to put it on after 3-5 days, otherwise it will burn the printer nozzle easily.