Soft Chocolate, we also call it sugar couverture, it can be decorated by printing with food printer machine.

Create more custom prints on your cakey goods, using these food printer.
Specially developed for the edible ink printer, these food printers allow printing on a wider scope and variety of objects in endless sizes and combinations without trays, they are perfect for printing on macarons.

The food edible ink printer is the ultimate addition decorating to your cakey studio, making it much easier to print words, photos, logos, text, and other designs onto the surface of many kinds of food items.  It support printing directly onto biscuits, macarons, white and dark chocolate, cookies, cupcakes, sugarpaste,  marshmallows, pastries and more. It is a huge time-saver, letting you print colorful and different shape based sweets at one time in very short time.
Th food printer is great and perfect tool for corporate events, parties, weddings and other occasions.