cake printing photos
cake macaron printing photo
chocolate printing for cake decorating

Based on traditional technology, the bridge of cake cannot be printed as it is soft while the inkjet food printer supports flat area printing for sweets. But there is another way to do decorations for cake by adding printed macarons or soft chocolate cover onto cake for decorating.

From the photo above, you can see it is printing onto the chocolate chip cover, then round the printed chocolate chip onto the cake for decorating. The Chocolate chip was printed by food printer machine with edible ink.

As the food printer is multi-function, adding ink, it can print on cake face, macaron, dragee, biscuits, cookies, marshmallow, chocolate, bread and more. For food decoration, color printing becomes easier and easier while need to pay more attention to design ideas.

For food printer machine, we have A3+ , A2+ and A1+,they are with same setting and quality,
Their main difference: size and working size :
A3+ working size 33*52cm
A2+ working size 65*60cm
A1+ working size 65*90cm