Here, we show different kinds of cell phone cases printed by our uv flatbed printer machine with uv CMYKW ink

Video 1:  It is glass phone case printing video.  Glass phone case printing is different from other kinds of phone case printing. For glass phone case printing, color ink CMYK printing is a little earlier than white ink. From the video, you can see the glass phone case printing, white ink comes out later than CMYK ink. Anyway, printed phone cases by our uv printer are WATER-RESISTANT and scratch-resistant.

Video 2: it is transparent phone case printing video. For transparent cases printing, you can print FULL or not full image, for which only printing cost is a little different, others all same, printing is with high resolution and will not fade from color.

video 3 and 4 : It is phone case printing grouply. There is soft phone case printing as well. For soft phone case printing, mainly use soft uv ink. Other kinds of cases printing, they use hard uv ink. For phone case printing, we supply A3 size uv printer and A2 size , A1 6090 or 6590 size.

Our uv printer is with ink Consumption calculation
1).  set different size for printing image, it will bring different printing cost
2). choose different ink limit ( more or less ink ), it will bring different printing cost
3). set different printing quantity, it will bring different printing cost
4). choose to print white ink or not, it will bring different printing cost
Anyway, before printing you can know the actual printing cost for different printing images