Here show mug and cylinder metal bottle printed by our uv printer

Video 1:  it is the aluminium cylinder bottle printed by the uv printer with uv ink, it is printed with 360 degree. The diameter of the aluminium is 15cm and 25cm in length. its printing color is wonderful and printed bottle is Scratch-resistant and water-resistant. As it is smooth, it need coating before printing.

Video 2: The thermos cup was printed directly by uv flatbed printer, same 360 degree printing. Its diameter is 6cm and length is 21cm. As it is metal, it need coating before printing as well. After coating, printed thermos cup is scratch-resistant and water-resistant.

Video 3: This one shows 2 pcs of mug printed at one time with mug tray. The uv printer can print CMYKW at the same time with high resolution. Mug and metal cylinder bottle were printed by one uv printer, it is multi-function, it can print on phone case as well.