Today, here i will share with you about chocolate printing by food printer with edible ink

Video 1:  This video is for showing how to print frame that when you have no tray at hand and need to print food grouply. The size of the frame is the size of the chocolate you need to print. The function of the frame is same for the tray, especially for phone case printing, with the frame, so no need tray any more.

Video 2: This video for showing how to put the food you need to print into the tray for setting printing location

Video 3 and 4: Here you can see 3 pcs of chocolate were printed one one time, the color is colorful and tjey are edible. With tray, you can print more chocolate or other food at one time. Our food printer can print on other kinds of food, like macaron, cake, cookies, candy, bread and more besides chocolate. These chocoalte are printed for our USA client.