RIP software is also named white ink control softwre,mostly function is for adjusting the white color ink.

In the market, the printer support color technologys are 4 color, 6 color, 8 color , which is original.

Sometimes, we heard 12 color, which is the 2 * 6 color print head.

More information about the RIP, please kindly check the PDF document

introduction of RIP.pdf

  • When we need the RIP software
    when we use thense 3 ink system supports, we need the RIP software
    1.  C.M.Y.K
    2.  Double C.M.Y.K
    3.  C.M.Y.K.W.W + C.M.Y.K.W.W.W.W
    4.  For food printing, even the ink color is C.M.Y.K.Lc.Lm, we need the RIP as well as edible ink color is much lighter than other inks

  • More functiuon of the RIP software
    1.used for ink output, adjust the ink limit, so save ink, specially for white ink saving;
    2.used for ink pipe, let each ink keep running in its own pipe.
    Which makes the printed image more vivid and makes the printed-image the same as original image;
    3. x & y axis (coordinate), which matches the printing platform to get accurate setpoint.
    4. print with embossment, which results from the white ink printing. More times’ white ink printing brings embossment.