Valentine's Day, Halloween, Christmas, mid-autumn Festival, Dragon Boat Festival Spring Festival macarons

Video1 shows 247 pcs of macarons were being Printed at one time with different designed photos by food printer. The size of the macarons is from 4.2cm to 4.6cm,  for the A1+ 6590 model printer, one time support printing about 247 pcs. Real time for 247 pcs of macarons printing is less than 7 mintues, if with a lower solution printing, it will need about 4 mintues. It is with a industry print head installed, the printing speed is suitable factory using.

Video2 It is a normal printing speed food printer.  High speed model and normal speed model, they are with different print head and boards mainly. If no need to print too many macarons in one day, this model is more suitable as its price is also lower than the high speed one.

The food printer model in the video 1 is the high speed model, you can see its head is not moving fastly but its flatbed moved more than the other model.