Chocolate converture cover is soft and very thin, this kind of food can be printed with special designs. Printed chocolate converture cover can be decorated onto cake as well. Just like this video shows that different kinds of chocolate designs can be printed at one time by the food printer machine, using edible ink, it can print on food, such as cake, chocolate, macarons, marshmallow, lollipop, cookies, bread, biscuit and more. Of course,  rectangular and square chocolates all can be printed by the same food printing machine.

1). With user manual in English
2). Video
3). Online training with technician, our technician will guide you to use the printer one step by one step ( usually with video, video calling and more )

Our printer is with ink consumption calculation
1).  set different size for printing image, it will bring different printing cost
2). choose different ink limit ( more or less ink ), it will bring different printing cost
3). set different printing quantity, it will bring different printing cost
Anyway, before printing you can know the actual printing cost for different printing images