Mooncake, said to be originated in the Tang Dynasty, specific reference can be made to the “Luozhong see and hear” records: Mid-Autumn Festival, new Jinshi Qujiang Banquet, Tang Xi Zong ordered people to send mooncakes to reward the students. One year on the night of Mid-Autumn Festival, Tang Xuanzong and Yang Guifei were enjoying the moon and eating hu-cakes, Tang Xuanzong thought that “hu cake” was hard to hear, and at that time Yang Guifei was looking up to enjoy the moon, so he blurted out “mooncake”, and since then, the name of mooncake has been spreading in the folklore.

Two videos above show mooncake printing by food printer machine with edible ink. It supports printing different artworks at one time, also same artworks.

Do We Need Tray When Printing on Food with Edible Food Printer?