Tray, we also call it plate, jip, template, or holder.

  • Q1: Do we always need tray when we print on different kinds of food(cake,chocolate,macarons,marshmallow,lollipop,cookies,bread,biscuit and so on)
    A: No, we don’t. But with tray, it will be more convenient. We can use edible paper instead of the tray itself, like this we can get the trays function, but will waste edible paper, just like this. Tray images above marked NO.7, NO.8 and NO.9, they use paper instead of tray.

cookies tray size
  • Q2 : How many can we print one time when using a tray for printing on different kinds of food ?
    A: It is based on the max printing size of printer and the size of food itself.
    e.g. If the food printer’s printing size is 33*60cm and the diameter of your macaron is 3 inches=7.62cm
    Check the above image
    Tray outter size is the max printing size of printer
    Tray inner size is the size of your food
    We can print 28 pcs of cookies one time when printing

Tray. plate.Jip.Template.holder for food printer machine
  • Q3 : If there are many shape for our food, how can we do it ?
    A: We can produce the different shape for different kinds of food. Photos above marked NO.1, NO.2, NO.3, NO.4, NO.5 and NO.6 show the different shape for M&M candy, macaron, lollipop and more, they include round tray, square tray, ellipse tray, rectangular tray and more.