Usually, normal dragee candy can be printed directly by food printer with edible ink, same printing process of printing on cake,macarons,marshmallow,lollipop,cookies,bread,biscuit and more other kinds of food.

If the dragee is with cocoa butter, it need to spary coating agent before printing. The main function of coating agents for food is to make the printed chocolate or other food products with cocoa butter dry much faster and do help to much more clear printing results.

How to Spary Coating Agent for Chocolate/Food dragee with Cocoa


Tool needed is the spary gun and Air compressor

NO.1 and NO.2 is NOT GOOD for sparing the coating agent/liquid
NO.3 is the best tool for sparing the coating agent/liquid
About the spary gun, the smaller diameter(the nozzle), the better
About the Air compressor, 1~2L is enough (or a little bigger)

How to spary ?

Adjust the aperture of the spray gun a bit smaller, and increase the air pressure a bit, sweeply spray 3 to 4 times evenly. So, it will need less than 1 mintue to dry usually and it will dry very fast after printing and will not fade from color

The performance of the right spray is that the spray is foggy, not water droplets.