With the progress of society, the development of industry and the improvement of people’s quality of life, higher individuation and aesthetic requirements for daily necessities or industrial supplies come out. Here are brief introductions for multi-function and multi-color flatbed printer machines.

Classification of printers

For printing on different kinds of materials, based on product material itself and material shape, the printers are classified as UV Flatbed printer, DTG textile printer, food printer and cylinder printer.

For different products printings and different requirements for printing, how to choose the most suitable printer machine from a wide variety of printers. Here is the useful information for you.

1.UV flatbed printer

Using the latest LED technology, it is with unique advantages that dry at once when printing, environmental protection, low power consumption, easy to operate and more.

It is mainly used for mobile phone case, glass mobile phone case, acrylic, metal plate, ceramic tile, cigarette case, power bank,packing box, card, decoration picture, charging treasure, watch band, bluetooth earphone outer packing, instrument panel, cosmetics, wooden gift box, luggage, furniture, KT board, plexiglass board, leather and other products with the drop(drop here means the height difference between the highest point and the lowest point of the product) less than 2.5 mm, materials with higher drop also can be printed the flatbed printer, but it need higher requirements for software and ink and so on have very high requirements.

Pay attention to that one kinds of ink is NOT suitable for all materials. For example, hard materials need hard UV ink, leather need soft UV ink or leather ink, etc. . Even some products with very smooth surfaces or special products, they will need coating to protect it from printing color fading during using, which depends on the material characteristics of the product itself.

2. DTG Textile Printer

Compared with the traditional screen printing technology, it has these characteristics that no need to plate, one-time imaging, higher color reduction, adjustable printing thickness, no radiation pollution and more. It is mainly applicable to clothing, cloth, canvas bags and other printed products. Ink for it is usually water-based ink, we call it textile ink and it requires very smooth ink.

3. Food Printer

The basic structure of food printer is similar to DTG textile printer.  It has higher batch printing speed, continuously produce, and support 3D surface food printing and curved surface printing, and more its operation maintenance is simple. Food printer is mainly suitable for macaron, Pie, cake, cookies,chocolate candy, glutinous rice paper, bread, marshmallow,lollipop,biscuit and other food printing.

4. Cylinder Printer

It belongs to UV printer and its basic structure is almost same to UV printer. Cylinder Printer need special tray to printing on cylinder product. Of course, it is NOT only for cylinder printing, it support printing on flat materials as well, which means it can be integrated with the flatbed printer. Cylinder printer has the advantages of continuous printing, no pollution, one-time forming, simultaneous printing of multiple rows, etc. . It is mainly suitable for regular cylindrical bodies such as water cups, cylindrical cigarette boxes, etc.

How to choose printer machine

Now the rapid development of the printing industry and various manufacturers mushroomed, which also led to various manufacturers with higher and lower quality printer. It also becomes more difficult to pick the right product and right manufacturer. How to choose a good manufacturer is very important, it determines the quality of the product, training, after-sales technical force and more. The quality of the machine is mainly based on the rationality of machine design , the stability of the printer frame, the quality of accessories, board stability and software stability.

We have many years of experience in printer industry, we think we are the choice for you when buying printer machine. Here are our advantages

  1. The frame is horizontal and vertical, some parts of it are with quenching and Gantry milling to achieve the required toughness and smoothness.
  2. Transverse usingis with all in one Motor, which will brings high precision and good dislocation during movement process. Printer is with large pulley structure so that the transmission is more stable and it can effectively improve the life of the motor. The aluminum profile is used for the cross beam to ensure the flatness of the printer car.
  3. Longitudinal using is with the LESAI private service motor, screw driving for the platformworking, which will brings no jump teeth and higher precision during printing process.
  4. The guide rail is withMute Guide Rail
  5. UVprinter UV system is with water cooling and air cooling. Double Cooling will make cooling more workable and increase the life of UV system.
  6. Ink and gloss has its own lamp for separately power adjustmentthe power, which will effectively reduces even eliminates the pass.
  7. The printer head uses the nozzle and the bottomaluminum union, which will do help to do head better sealing and enables the operator to change the nozzle easily, so reduces machine maintenance cost
  8. Aseparate set of platform lifting, so it can adjust the lifting
  9. Supporting independent ink cartridge, so it is convenient abs  will not waste ink.
  10. Printer is with automatic cleaning, which is easy to operate.
  11. supporting the use of ink and gloss rip software, so that customers can do fool-style operation, which means very easy.
  12. Inkcurve for production, which will result in high restore pictures
  13. one-to-one traininguntil the operator know how to use it well and do machine maintenance.
  14. The machine is designed with collision avoidance devices to ensure the safety of machine parts and people.
  15. Use a variety of affordable ink
  16. High resolution is available
  17. Different shipping ways for choice

These are some of our advantages but not all