Project Description

Product name:LSTPart-004 UV ink for Phone case printing

Model Number:LST-Part INK

  • Type: Inkjet Printer, UV ink Digital Printing
    Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
    Brand Name:LST
    Model Number:LST-Part INK
    Color & Page: Multicolor
    Color: C M Y K W ( cyan, magenta, yellow, black, white)

  • Application

    phone case, metal, card,cd,pen and so on
    for all rigid un-coated substrates like: aluminium,glass,wood,plastic,Cerami/tiles, Arylic etc.
    for flexible substrate as: Canvas, backlits, banner

  • Packaging & Delivery
    Packaging Details
    1. LSTPart-004 UV ink for Phone case printing machine
    2. 50ml or 1000ml package
    3. Black Bottle packing
    4. Delivery Time: 2-3 working day after 100% payment

  • Features for uv ink dx5 and dx7
    UV ink dx5/dx7 refers to under the UV light, using different wavelengths and energy UV lights to drying the ink and film forming ink. UV  ink dx5 is an energy saving, environmental protection, no harmful substances discharged ink, which meet the development trend of social. Lester’s UV  ink dx5 is the company’s one of the most advantageous products. It does not contain volatile solvents, odorless, ROHS compliant; after curing, it has high adhesion, scrub durable; print images’ color bright saturated, high-gloss, non-yellowing; long time outdoor durability, light levels as high as grade 7-8 .

  • Advantage of uv ink dx5/dx7
    1. Environmental: no solvents penetrate, ink safety, no waste.
    2. Durable, indoor 10 years, outdoor 3 years.
    3. Robust image, cured graphic
    4. Dry quickly, fast processing.
    5. Direct to rigid uncoated substrates.
    6. To any flat rigid substrates, even small arcuated surface. Can print on flexible substrate like canvas, Shelf life 6 month for white ink, other colors 1 year.

  • UVled ink dx5/DX7 for used on which kind of printers or print heads ?
    UV ink dx5 mostly used for Epson print heads and for ricoh print heads:
    1.  for Epson modified flat printers which modify from deksktop or largeformat printers .
    or other desktop size UV printers.
    UV ink dx5 used for Konica for Spectra for XAAR for seiko and for ricoh print heads
    2.  for HP, for DGI, for OCE, for JET-I, for Vutek, for Myjet,
    3. for Mimaki, for Roland
    4. for teckwin, for Kingcolor, for Zhongye, for Skyjet, for Flora, for Yisha, for Liyu, for Dongcan

  • Tips on using uv ink dx5/dx7
    Please make sure no mix with other ink.
    1. This is a innovational product, made in China, qulified.
    2. UV Curable Ink can get sharp picture, much more bright color compare to market ink.
    3. Suitable for both LED and mercury lamps, but requires the unit light intensity more than 200mj/cm .
    4. Workable for both rigid and flexible substrates, we test it gets no break while stretch or compress 3-5 CM, theoretically 10 CM is also ok.
    5. Suitable for glass, metal, acrylic, ceramic, wood etc rigid substrates. Also workable for PVC, canvas, car stickers, wall paper, oil painting canvas etc flexible substrates.
    6. Pre-coating liquid (Primer) is available, no need to mix it before using, just spray or scratch on substrate surfaces, will be dry in 1 minute.
    7. One year validity before using.
    8. Outdoor life 3 years.