Project Description

Printer CISS


  • ➤CISS is Continuous ink supply system. If you will not use white ink when printing, we can use such ciss.
    ➤For uv printer, we have no choice but to use the black ciss.
    ➤For others, we can use black ciss or other color ciss or transparent ciss, by which we can see ink running.
    ➤For it, we have one set with 6 bottles and one set with 8 bottles, which is based on your printer model.
    If your printer support 6 color printing, it will be setted by 6 bottles.
    If your printer support 8 color printing, it will be setted by 8 bottles.
    ➤Ciss is the spare part. when you buy printer, you’d better buy one more set for spare.