Ducowitz is popular in Taiwan, China, it is not flat enough but the food printer can print on its face as well. Like the videos shows above.

  • Product Features || Edible Food printer machine
    1. Industry-leading ink technology – for colorful, vibrant prints, beautiful colors
    2. Use big lifting ink pad/cap station, which is much better for print head seal and keep print head wet to prevent it from being blocked more or less. If you need to go out for a long time and wil not use the printer, adding some moisturizer liquid into ink pad/cap station, the print head will be kept wet all the time
    3. Printing speed is over 3-4 times faster than ordinary printer machines
    4. 1 or 2 print heads: 5/6/10/11 multi-color printer with 2 print heads |Support to print CMYKw (if need to print with white ink, please confirm with the seller)
    5. Function: print photo, letter, logo design on product within 22*30 cm size and from 0 to 12 cm in height.

  • Advantages 01 || mini Food Chocolate Printer
    1. Pause function is available during pringting process
    2. One completed printer head supports white ink printing, which will bring much more colorful printing
    3. Very Fast Printing Speed

    4. New Function: Flash jetting
    1) Flash jetting function during standby mode will prevent the printer head from being clogged
    2) After cleaning process, you can print right after flash jetting. No need to suck waste ink and which can save inks
    5. High resolution for printing, even for Newspaper and human face printing, which is clear enough.
    6. More function on software: ink Consumption calculation
    1).  set different size for printing image, it will bring different printing cost
    2). choose different ink limit ( more or less ink ), it will bring different printing cost
    3). set different printing quantity, it will bring different printing cost
    4). choose to print white ink or not, it will bring different printing cost
    Anyway, before printing you can know the actual printing cost for different printing images

    7-1. It is available to adjust printing head height during printing (no need to stop), which means for food printing, if some food are higher or lower in the middle during printing, you can adjust its printing height down or up and no need to stop the printer.
    7-2. Sensor function. When the materials on the printer’s flatbed, give order to print , if the material is higher than head , it will go down automatically and then move in, which is for head protection.
    Now, it supports both 7-1 and 7-2.