These cake and soft chocolate were printed by our smaller printer for the customer from Saudi Arabia. The cake is cream cake, which is a good choice for making and decorating birthday cakes and wedding cakes. The soft chocolate is chocolate chip, which can be as the cake decorating as well. The 2nd chocolate printing video shows the real time for its printing. We also have bigger model of the food printing machine.

1-1. The small food printer is available to adjust printing head height during printing (no need to stop), which means for food printing, if some food are higher or lower in the middle during printing, you can adjust its printing height down or up and no need to stop the printer.
1-2. Sensor function in the small food printer. When the materials on the printer’s flatbed, give order to print , if the material is higher than head , it will go down automatically and then move in, which is for head protection.
Now, it supports both 1-1 and 1-2.