hot Movie star photo cake printing photo

Food printer machines are revolutionising the cake sweets industry. Imagine walking into a cake shop in the near future where you can not only taste a variety of flavours but also see colourful patterns and text on cakes. This is all going to be a reality because food printer machines are changing the way cakes are traditionally made.
Food printing machine can use a variety of edible food inks to print beautiful patterns and text on the surface of the cakes, making the cakes more artistic and personalised. This not only brings a new taste experience to cake lovers, but also brings more attraction and competitiveness to cake shops. In addition, food printers can also customise various cake patterns and texts according to customers’ needs, providing unique gift cakes for occasions such as birthday celebrations, wedding festivities and holiday wishes. This is not only the improvement of cake quality, but also the inheritance and development of cake art.
A food printer appears , you just need to pick the style of cake you want to print and import photos or your own design into the computer or tablet, and the food printer will automatically print beautiful patterns and text on the surface of the cake. Not only that, food printers can also print on a variety of exquisite shapes based cakes, such as flowers, stars, text and more, so that your cake is unique and unforgettable.

cake photo printing by food printer

More Chinese style photos were printed onto cake by the food printer machine.
Cake (8”) photo printing videos above showed blank cake were printed with unique designs. The cakes were printed inkjet food cake printer machine.
Edible Cake Photo Printing Machine is a kind of food printer that supports printing designed photo onto cake, similar to decorating on cakes. This food cake printer is not 3D cake printer machine, but supports printing 3d image onto the cake surface as well. Cake printer is inkiet directly printing machine for images or desinged logo directly printed onto wedding cake, birthday cake and cupcake surface with edible ink.Edible ink color usually is C M Y K ( Now white ink printing is available ).

cake photos food printing machine

The cupcake can be printed by the food printer machine as well with different designs.

cake printing photos
cake macaron printing photo
chocolate printing for cake decorating

Based on traditional technology, the bridge of cake cannot be printed as it is soft while the inkjet food printer supports flat area printing for sweets. But there is another way to do decorations for cake by adding printed macarons or soft chocolate cover onto cake for decorating.
From the photo above, you can see it is printing onto the chocolate chip cover, then round the printed chocolate chip onto the cake for decorating. The Chocolate chip was printed by food printer machine with edible ink.