hot Movie star photo cake printing photo

Cake food printer makes your cakes different and unique. Have you ever thought of printing the film and television drama photos on the cakes, so that your cake becomes the same model of the stars? Or, print your own photos on the cakes, so that the sweet cake also carries your personality? Today, all these dreams can be realised. With our cake food printer, you can easily print your favourite photos or text on the cake, giving your cake a unique personality. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or wedding, you can leave and save a wonderful memory for them. Our cake and food printers use advanced printing technology to make photos and text clear and realistic to macth perfectly with the cake. Whether it is chocolate cake, mousse cake and dessert cake, all can be printed. Make your cakes no longer ordinary, make your life more exciting and colorful. Buying cake food printer lets your cake become a unique work of art.

Videos above show chinese style hot fox spirit matchmaker unique photo was printed by food printer machine onto Cake. We have more Chinese stype photos printing on cakes.

Cake (8”) photo printing videos above showed blank cake were printed with unique designs. The cakes were printed by food cake printer machine with Chinese style photos. Edible Cake Photo Printing Machine is a kind of food printer that supports printing designed photo onto cake, similar to decorating on cakes. This kind of food cake printer is not 3D cake printer machine, but supports printing 3d image onto the cake surface as well. Cake printer is inkiet directly printing machine for images or desinged logo directly printed onto wedding cake, birthday cake and cupcake surface with edible ink. Edible ink color usually is C M Y K ( Now white ink printing is available ).

The cake printer machine is a device used to quicky and acouratey print edible photos onto cakes, other baked goods and other deserts. The printer uses edible ink to print high-quality images logos and text onto cakes cupcakes, and other treats. It is typicaly used by professional bakers and cake decorators to produce stunnindand intricate designs.
For food printer machine, we have A3+ , A2+ and A1+,they are with same setting and quality, their main difference: size and working size
A3+ working size 33*52cm
A2+ working size 65*60cm
A1+ working size 65*90cm