M&M candy tray

For small M&M candy prirnting by food printer, it need tray as it will move when printing as M&M is too small, the tray can fix them when printing.

The inkjet edible food printer machine for M&M mints candy printing is a printer that uses edible food-safe ink to print designs onto M&M mints, dragee, sweets, confections, treats and other candies. It is a great way to add a unique and custom printing touch to any special event or celebration. The machine can be used to create custom logos, messages, and designs on the candy, making it a great way to add a personal touch to any special occasion.

Edible dragee candy printing images above are from our from Reunion and Belgium Customer, these dragee candies all can be printed by our food printer machine with food ink, Use edible ink, food printer machine can print on many kinds of food, such as cake,chocolate,macarons, marshmallow,lollipop,cookies,bread,biscuit and more

For food printer machine, we have A3+,A2+ and A1+they are with same setting and quality, their main difference: size and working size
A3+max working size 33*52cm
A2+max working size 65*60cm
A1+max working size 65*90cm
For this kind of candys printing, you can print on them grouply by a OEM tray.