Food printer machine can print on many kinds of different food, it can print photos on light color biscuits with many color design, now it can print on dark color biscuits with white ink printing. It can be used to create unique, beautiful and custom designs and logos for bread, making them more attractive, unique and appealing to the eye.

Video 1 and video 2 show black biscuits printed by food printer with edible white ink printing.

Video 3 and video 4 show brown chocolate printed with food-safe ink by food printer. Same to color ink printing, without coating agent before printing, printed chocolate sucked ink slowly, will take a longer time to dry.

Here it is another new technology, chocolates after printing will dry very fast with coating agents for food sprayed on them before printing.

Video 5: it shows the coating agent for food sparying on chocolate before printing, the coating agent for food is edible and it is transparent color. Spary bottle, spary can or spary gun can be used to do it. After sparying, it will dry at once, which means you can print on it at once. The main function of coating agents for food is to make the printed chocolate or other food products with cocoa butter dry much faster.
Video 6 : it is printing onto chocolate with coating agent sparyed, by which, it can dry much faster.