Again, food macaron printing video shared with you. This time, they are all about halloween themes photos for macaron printing by food printer machine.

For food printer machine, we have A3+ , A2+ and A1+
They are with same setting and quality, their main difference: size and working size
A1+ working size 65*90cm
A2+ working size 65*60cm
A3+ working size 33*52cm

Printing speed
If diameter is 5 cm for macaron
The A3+model can support about  45 pcs of macaron printing at one time, need about 6-7 mintues
The A2+ model can support about 100 pcs of chocolate  printing at one time, need about 8-9 mintues
The A1+ model can support about 160 pcs of chocolate  printing at one time, need about 12-13 mintues

Different resolution will bring you different printing result and printing speed.