It is said that macaron business is getting less and less pure profit from blank macaron selling, which maybe ture as there is no new idea into it, we called it selling point. At first, for macarons, they are with pure blank color only, then with drawing onside, which will take too much time to finsih, and then pure blank come to be with more color together seeming like rainbow, but still profit for it is keeping going down. But now, food printer can solve your problem to make macarons more colorful with saving time at the same time, please check the above printing video.

From the videos, you can see macaron printing is direct printing, and printing speed is very fast, which will save cost for you, also get your macarons selling with more points.  One more, different photos can be printed onto macarons at one time, by which you can creat unique macarons with one set of food printer. Don’t worry, printed macarons are edible. For printing, you can choose lower and middle and higher resolution to print your macarons.

For the food macaron printer, we have smaller A3+ size, middle A2+ size and bigger A1+ size.   Bigger model support printing more macarons at one time.