Are you curious about that why 5.20 is a special day to express love ? 5.20 is 20th, May,  in Chinese, it is pronounced Wu Er Ning, it is the homophony to Wo Ai Ni , which means I love you in English.

In special day, is there a special gift for your lover ? Like a special picture album of your both life, a cake with your special photo printed onside, a flower with your images , a wine with your wedding photo printed on the bottle and more. Our printer machine can do it well for you. Special gift for special you.

1. Use edible ink, our food printer can print on food (cake,chocolate,macarons,marshmallow,lollipop,cookies,bread,biscuit and so on) with your  unique photos.

2. Use textile ink, our DTG printer can print on Cloth (T-shirt, shoe ,bag, socks, textile , cap and more ) with your  unique images.

3. Use uv ink, our UV printer can print on Others (mug,wood, metal,glass,acrylic,leather, phone case, CD, stone,ceramic,tile,pvc,tpu,pen…) with your unmatched designs.