Video 1 and 2:  These samples are for our USA customer, one is 100% cotton t-shirt and another is 35% cotton t-shirt printing. From the printing result, 100% cotton tshirt printing is better as not get special pre-treatment liquid for not full 30% cotton tshirt. Printing color is wonderful and will not fade from color. Printing speed is much faster than other common printer, like R1390 DTG printer machine.

Video 3 and 4:  These samples are for our client in Austria and video 5 and 6 are for another USA client. Printing sample is for free if you need to check the printing quality.

Here, share with you about our DTG t-shirt printer machine of 2 or 4 pcs tshirts printed at one time
Feature of the 2 or 4 Station T-shirt Printer Machine
1. Printer supports printing white ink and CMYK color ink at the same time if you want to print white edible color
6560 model printing size covers full size at 650*600*100/200mm ( W*L*H )
6590 model printing size covers full size at 650*900*200mm ( W*L*H )
6090 model printing size covers full size at 600*900*200mm ( W*L*H )
1) 6560 model one time 2 pcs of A3+ size printing or 4 pcs of A4+ size printing ( videos above showed by this model )
2) 6590 model one time 2 pcs of A2+ size printing or 4 pcs of A3+ size printing or 6 pcs of A4+ size printing

2. The printer is with white ink circulation, you can set circulation time yourself. Usually, we set the printer cycles for 10 seconds every 60 seconds to protect the white ink from clogging the print head and print color much better
3. Use big lifting ink pad/cap station, which is much better for print head seal and keep print head wet to prevent it from being blocked. If you need to go out for a long time and wil not use the printer, adding some moisturizer liquid into ink pad/cap station, the print head will be kept wet all the time