1. Image and video showed printed cookies were printed by the A1 size food printer with edible ink-jet ink. This printer is with very fast printing speed, for full size printing, it just need about 3 mintues. If you need to watch complete video, just please send us inquiry.

2. Very fast printing speed. From the printing video, you can see it can print 20 pcs of bigger size waffle cookies at one time, it need about 3 mintus while it can print 108 pcs of smaller size cookies one time grouply, same about 3 mintues.

3. This Food printer uses big lifting ink pad/cap station, which is much better for print head seal and keep print head wet to prevent it from being blocked. If you need to go out for a long time and will not use the printer, adding some moisturizer liquid into ink pad/cap station, the print head will be kept wet all the time.