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1. Used for UV Printer

uv phone case printer.jpg

For Phone case,pvc, metal, tile,pen,gift items,leather and more fast printing.No need coating for mainly materails printing,dry at once,available to print with embossment. It is with 2 printer heads

Model: LSTA1-12UVG. LSTA1-12UVGr.LSTA1-12UVR

Application : digital UV printing machine for Phone case, pvc, metal, tile,pen,gift items,leather and so on printing

Printer type: UV printer,uv flatbed printer,flatbed uv printer, ink-jet UV printer,UV printing machine,UV printer machine,A1 UV printer

2. Used for Textile Printer

A1 DTG printer.jpg

Model: LSTA1-12G. LSTA1-12Gr.LSTA1-12R

Application: digital fabric printing machine for clothes,t-shirt,shoes,cloth bag,pillow,shoes,socks,textile,garment,cap,hat,canvas,silk ect printing

Printer type: tshirt printer,T-shirt Printer Machine,T shirt Printer,Inkjet textile printing machine,textile printer,textile printing machine,DTG printer

Is used widely for textile,garments,cotton t shirt pritning,dark color ones all can be printed.Printer is with 2 printer head with faster printing speed.

3. Used for Food Printer

A1 food printer.jpg

Model: LSTA1-12Gr

Application: digital fabric printing machine for cake,macaron,chocolate,candys,marshmallow ect printing

Printer type: food printer,cake Printer Machine,macaron Printer,edible food printing machine,edible cake printer,food printing machine

  • Features of A1 size 65*65cm size ink-jet Flatbed Printer
    1. Printing Technology: DX7 Micro Piezo / 180 nozzles * 6-colors * 2 heads / inkjet print size / double-head
    2. Function: print photo, letter, logo design on product within 65*65 cm size and 20 cm height.
    3. INK: UV ink  + textile ink + Edible food ink
    White & Color ink printing in same round with high speed printing: one head print white, another print color, high efficiency and speed.
    Industry-leading ink technology – for colorful, vibrant prints, beautiful colors
    Individual, large Continuous Ink Supply System – 150 ml Individual, large refill cartridge – refill ink less often / no need to change cartridges.
    Specialized RuiCai print software – support white and color print in same round, built-in color curve, auto-selecting inks – achieve optimal density and superior contrast.
    4. Exclusive Advantages:
    1) Double heads printing – 12 channels (2 heads * 6 color channels) high speed printing at same time.
    White and color printing in one round – one head prints white ink and another head print color design, print any design on any color-based material in one time – make work easier and save time.
    2) Ball-screw drive system – more precise table moving, durable life time and weight bearing ability.
    3) White ink stirring system – less ink sediment – better white printing quality and less ink clogging.
    New LST control system – no Paper Jam or General Error – working stable.
    New LST atomized inkjet print system – no ink lines – print effect is very smooth.
    4) Imported JFLO Chain
    Imported chain from brand JFLO which suitable for high speed movement and minimize the damaging hence to extend the lifetime and reduce the maintenance cost
    5) Low Ink Warning System: Ink volume sensor built inside. Light on when ink is in the low level, no troubles for ink using.
    6) Latest ink pump system
    Super stable ink mat and heads seal technology,all nozzles of head will be full of ink only by pump ONE second, save your ink

    7) Servo Motor: controlled by computer chip, provide accurate displacement and speed control
    8) Self-developed Main Board: Own patent owned which printer will not slow down after long-time working
    9) Top Quality Glass Table: UV and high temperature resistance, strong and stable.
    10) Double UV Cooling System: With wind and water circulation system built inside to cool down the uv temperature

  • Parameter of A1 size 65*65cm size ink-jet Flatbed Printer
    Print head: XP600*2 ( XP2000*2)
    Nozzle configuration: 180 nozzles*6 color channels *2 heads
    Min ink droplet size: 1.5 pl
    Max. print resolution: 720*2880 dpi  16 pass ( enough for printing )
    Max print size: 65*65cmn
    Print speed:
    4 pass: 8 m2 / h
    6 pass: 6 m2 / h
    8 pass: 4 m2 / h
    Acceptable object height: 0-20cm
    Ink supply: CISS +Auto white ink stirring +Auto head-clogging-preventing flash spray
    Drive system:  Ball screw+ Servo motor
    Net weight: Approx 135 kg
    Dimension: Approx 1356*1002*644mm
    Working condition: Computer system Windows (2000, XP, Vista, 7. 8 .10 etc…)
    Connectivity:  high-speed USB 3.0
    Voltage:  110V/220V
    Working power:  Approx 40W ( Adjustable )
    Operating temperature:  50° to 95°F(10°to35°C)
    Operating humidity:  20% to 80%

  • Shipping Details of A1 size 65*65cm size ink-jet Flatbed Printer
    Package type: Standard Export Fumigation free wooden case/PLYwood case
    Package Size:  Approx 1470*1100*790mm
    Printer Weight(N.W.):   Approx 135 kg
    Package Weight(G.W.): Approx. 180 kg
    Volume Weight : About 235kg
    Package included:USB cable/power cable/CD driver/manual/ink adding tools
    Shipping Type: Express(DHL,EMS,UPS,TNT,FedEx)/Air shipping/Sea shipping
    Certificate: CE, SGS, MSDS, CO, SASO etc