2018.10.08    【original】

Glass Phone Case Was Printed by UV Printer for Client in Shenzhen,China on 6th,October,2018

1’48” UV Printer  glass phone case printing Video White and CMYK color  ink printing in one time

Glass phone case printing image.jpg

Showed by the image,high light phone case was printed by UV Glass Phone Case Printer. It is the same printing idea as glass printing. It print on the glass or pvc phone case at on the other side with color CMYK ink printing firstly and then white ink printing, By which , you will see so high light phone case printing. It is different from traditional printing that first white ink printing and later cmyk ink printing.Which means you will see it is printed by CMYK color ink and then white ink in one time

Phone case printer is the UV printer for phone case printing. No need coating before printing by the phone case printer and dry at once.

Are you interested in such a phone case printer ?