2018.07.17  【original】

Leather Samples Printing for Client from UK.
On  13th,July,2018, We printed leather notebook for our client in UK.
For these dark color leather printing, we print white ink first, then color CMYK printing.
No need coating before printing, dry at once.
UV Printer for leather printing Video

We have UV leather printer and leather printer without UV. Here video show the leather notebook were printed by UV leather printer.

Advantages of the UV leather printer

  1. Before printing, it doesn’t need coating, just print directly.
  2. it dry at once when printing finish.
  3. support white color printing, which mean the UV leather printer can print on dark-color leather.
  4. Printed leather is water-proof,sun-proof,scratch-proof.
  5. it ic colorful printing for unique design by the UV leather printer.