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The football field have to be  be rectangular, 90-120 meters long, 45-90 meters wide.The goal is 2.44 meters high, 7.32 meters wide.

Football is made of leather or other suitable materials. The circumference is not longer than 70 centimeters and not shorter than 60cm

  • Name                 Football Field/Soccer Field

  • Requirement    have to be rectangular

  • Height                90-120 M

  • Width                 45-90 M

  • Height of goal    2.44 M

  • Width of goal     7.32 M

The goal area at both ends of the court is as follows:

The goal must be placed in the center of each goal line. They consist of two vertical columns equidistant from the corner flagpole and horizontal beams connecting the tops of them. The distance between the two columns is 7.32 meters (8 yards), and the distance from the lower edge of the beam to the ground is 2.44 meters (8 feet). Both goalposts and beams have the same width and thickness no more than 12 centimeters (5 inches). The width of the goal line and goal post and beam is the same. The goal net can be tied to the ground behind the goal and goal, and should be properly supported so as not to affect the goalkeeper. Goal posts and beams must be white.

From the inside of each goal post 5.5 meters (6 yards), draw two lines perpendicular to the goal line. The lines stretched 5.5 meters (6 yards) inside the football match and were connected to a line parallel to the goal line. The area covered by these lines and goal lines is the goal area.

Penalty area

The penalty area is on both ends of the court and is as follows:

From the inside of each goal post 16.5 meters (18 yards), draw two lines perpendicular to the goal line. These lines extend 16.5 (18 yards) meters into the playing area and are connected to a line parallel to the goal line. The area that consists of these lines and goal lines is the penalty area.

A free-throw point is set at a distance of 11m (12 yards) from the midpoint between the goalposts in each penalty area. Outside the penalty area, draw an arc with a radius of 9.15 meters (10 yards) from each penalty point, called the top of the arc.


At each corner of the site, a flat top flagpole not less than 1.5 meters (5 feet) shall be erected, with a flag on one side. At least one meter (1 yard) away from the ends of the midline and beyond the edge, flagpoles can also be placed. When it is convenient to distinguish the ball from the ball, you can distinguish whether it is a corner kick or an outbound goal.

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