An inkjet marshmallow printer machine is a device that can print images or text onto marshmallows. It typically uses food-safe edible inks to create decorations for marshmallow, cakes, cupcakes, and other desserts. The machine is designed to be easy to use, and is often used by professional bakers and cake decorators.

Marshmallow printing machine is named Marshmallow printer as well. It is used for marshmallow printing,of course printed marshmallow are edible.

food printer machine marshmall printing imagesdifferent models of food lollipop printing machine

Edible ink color : C.M.Y.K.Lc.Lm, as edible ink color is much lighter than other ink ( UV ink, textile ink,eco-solvent ink). When printing marshmallow,cake,chocolate,macarons,candy and so on, we need the RIP software to get better printing color.

Marshmallow printer is also used to print on cake,cupcake,candy,macaron,chocolate,bread and so on.

Marshmallow printer for Marshmallow printing, the printing cost is very low,and printing color is vivid,that is why marshmallow printer is more and more popular these years.