Project Description

  • Specifications of coffee printer || part 1
    ➤Tablet System: Android 8”
    ➤Tablet Resolution: 1280 x 800
    ➤Supporting software: MAOSEN 1.0 Coffee printing software
    ➤Wireless configuration: Support mobile phone scanning QR code to upload images, Mobile phone needs to connect to WIFI Support
    ➤language: Russian, English, Chinese
    ➤Printing Height: 0-20cm (Automatic adjustment)
    ➤Printer Size: 45cm*42cm*41cm
    ➤Printing resolution: 1440 x 720 DPI

  • Specifications of coffee printer || part 2
    ➤Net/Gross weight:17KG  (30KG)
    ➤Packing size: 530*495*480MM
    ➤Print resolution: 1440*720 DPI
    ➤Ink Tank Volume: 20ML
    ➤Printing cup caliber: 1-10cm(Can be adjusted at will)
    ➤Software functions: 1-4 cups printing at the same time for different pictures
    ➤Work frequency: 50/60HZ Noise level: Print online (under ISO9296 conditions)  34.7dB(A)
    ➤ Color QTY: C M Y K
    ➤ Printing Interface: USB2.0/LTP

  • How does this printer print on coffee? —— This printer is ink-jet printer, it need to use edible ink for printing, we just need to connect printer with computer and printing images, designs, photos, words and phrases from our computer, printing software will come with the printer for you.

edible ink coffee printing
  • Package included: 
    1x Morkka 3D Coffee Printer (Upgraded 4 Cups), 1x Android Tablet 8″, 4x Edible ink (bottles), 4x Empty Refillable Cartridges (2 for Color, 2 for Black), 1x Power cable, 1x USB cable, 1x Universal conversion adapter, 1x USB conversion plug, 4x Ink Syringes, 2x Ink clip (1x Plastic stent, 2x Rubber)

coffee printer machine 07
  • How about the ink? is it safe? ——The ink is produced by special ink supplier, it’s food grade edible ink, also we have Test Report for this edible ink, so this ink can get in any market easier. Ink color is C M Y K lC lM and Br

  • Does the printer difficult to use? —— Printer is very easy to operate, we will have video and training details, also we provide online after sales service.

Automactic Ripples Coffee printer for Coffee Bar

LSTA4-151 Wifi Support 1 or 4 cups Coffee Printing Edible Food Coffee Printer for Coffee Bar

coffee printer machine bread printing

LSTA4-151 Ripples coffee printer for coffee bar
Android System Coffee Printer Technical Specifications This 3D coffee printer is a powerful coffee machine that can directly print the guest’s face or text you want on coffee/bread/biscuits. Printing character image on coffee is an innovation in coffee printing technology. You don’t have to spend a lot of time and energy to learn and practice coffee printing. All you have to do is take a photo and then hand it over to the printer to achieve personality. Bring greater convenience to your business and life.

Daily printing quantity statistics, operation management, various beverage classifications, divination functions Maximum load-bearing of lifting platform: 4.5kg Platform lifting: One size of cup only needs to be tested once (no need to repeat lifting) Printing speed: 16 seconds for 1 cup (General quality of picture) Power: 110-240V 48W

Upgraded Android system advantages:
1.The installation of the ink cartridge will not be recognized to The non-original ink cartridge and will not indicates that the ink cartridge is locked.
2. The system will not be blocked by anti-virus software and won’t appear windows system incompatibility issue.
3.High efficiency with the QR code scanning.