Project Description

A3 Food Printer machine for printing pictures on cakes/coffee/chocolate/bread/cookies/macaron/candy

Model : LSTA3+RY

Printer type:cake printer,food printer,chocolate printer,Food Printer machine,Food Printing machine,Food Printer

Application : digital food printing machine cake,cupcake,M&M candy,chocolate,macarons,marshmallow,lollipop,cookies,bread,biscuit and so on

Food printing machine for food printing
Food printing photos
  • Parameters of A3 Food Printer Machine

A3 food printing machine

A3 food printer machine

  • Parameters of A3 food printer || Part 1

    ➤Print Method: Advanced Micro Piezo 4 color pigment inkjet technology intelligent bi-directional printing
    ➤Printer Head: Brand-new original – ( Zero-Cycles), Printer head Protection Intelligent Self Protect System
    ➤Max Printing Size:330mm*520mm 13 inch*20.47 inches
    ➤Printer Size:106cm*95cm*60cm/41.73inch*37.4 inch*23.62 inch
    ➤Print Thickness: 0-200mm/8 inch
    ➤Height adjustment: by hand + software automatically
    ➤Printer Resolution: 12/16 pass

  • Parameters of A3 food printer || Part 2

    ➤Printing Speed: 90s for A4 full image printing, Higher resolution means lower speed
    ➤Package Size: 115*105*85cm
    ➤Printer Weight(N./G.W.):  80KG/100kg
    ➤Package Weight(G.W.):  about 172 KGs
    ➤Nozzle Protection Method: Automatic cleaning/Manual cleaning
    ➤Voltage: VAC 110-240V, 50HZ~60HZ, power<35W, Adjustable
    ➤Operational environment: T:10°-35°(50°-95°F)||Relative humidity: 20-80%
    ➤Ink supply: Continuous ink supply system(CISS)
    ➤Operating System: Windows /Me/vista/2000/07/09/XP/NT
    ➤Software:BR RIP, Photoshop, CoreIDraw, Illustrator,Micro Office etc,RuiCai,MengTai

A3 food printing machine macaron printing

A3 food printer machine || LSTA3+RY

  • Features of A3 food Printer|| Part 1
    1. 4 color edible ink support : CMYK
    2. Integrated Design: Integrated Design with ink system
    3. Platform Material: High quality aluminium alloy + special paint
    4. Height Adjustable: working by hand + software
    6.  OEM/ODM: Different style can be customized

  • Features of A3 food Printer|| Part 2
    8)  Print directly by printing software.
    9) Under the help of edible food inks, A3 food printer is used widely for Food,cake ,coffee, chocolate,bread,cookies,macarons,lollipop
    and so on, printed goods are all edible.

  • A3 Food Printer machine for printing pictures on cakes/coffee/chocolate/bread/cookies/macaron/candy description

    There are many different ways of printing on your macarons.But as the traditional screen printing machine and transfer machine is not easy to print, here we recommend you the newest Food Printer machine.

    1. Edible food printer means direct to garment that can print images on your cake,macarons pizza directly.The printing speed of edible food printer  is not very fast as the screen printing machine,but the printing cost is very low, and the Only one person can operate three set machine at the same time,so the operation work is very easy.

    2.Food printer from Lester gives you the best combination of speed, quality and reasonable price.

    3. Food printer is a high-tech free-plate full-color digital printing machine. it is not subject to any material restrictions, you can print on T-shirts, sliding doors,glass, plates, various signs,crystal,PVC,acrylic,Metal, plastic,stone,leather and so on by any image,and close to the original images to the maximum extent, no need to make a printing plate,color is beautiful and vivid, and the printed products by edible food printer are edible.

  • After Service || Warranty || Packing and Shipping 

    ➤ Service: 1). Online trainning one to one        2). User Manual in English, operation video, CD

    1) Printer with 1year warranty and life-time maintenance
    2) Seller will replace spare parts for buyer free within 1 year, except print head, CISS system & human damage
    3) Certificate: CE, SGS, MSDS, CO, SASO etc

    ➤Packing and Shipping :

printer packing and shipping
printer package
printer shipping and packing photo