Project Description

A1 6590 6090 Wide Format 2 or 3 Print Heads Gloss Varnish Printing UV Flatbed Printer Machine Manufacturer

Model : LSTA1+UV = LST-6590D/T-UVG

Printer type: UV printer,uv flatbed printer,flatbed uv printer,A1 UV Phone Case Printer,phone case printing machine,UV printer machine
Application : digital UV printing machine for Phone case, pvc, metal, tile,pen,gift items,leather and so on printing

UV printer UV printing
  • Product Features ||  A1 phone case uv printer
    1. UV system parameters:
    UV Led power: Max power 200W-300W, can be changed
    UV Led lifespan: 50000+HRS
    UV Cool Way: Cycle water + Heat Sink
    2. 2/3 print heads: 10/11/12/15 multi-color printer with 2 or 3 print heads ||UV ink : CMYK+W+gloss/. Varish
    3. Max Printing size: 650*900mm
    4. White & Color ink printing in same round with high speed printing: one head print white, another print color, high efficiency and speed.
    5. Industry-leading ink technology – for colorful, vibrant prints, beautiful colors
    6. Specialized RuiCai print software – support white and color print in same round, built-in color curve, auto-selecting inks – achieve optimal density and superior contrast.
    7. Full-automatic: when the materials is higher than the print head,the platform will go down automaticly to protect the print head from hitting,go down automaticly to protect the print head from hitting.
    8. OEM/ODM: Different style can be customized

new and old 6590 UV printer 02
  • Specifications of A1 UV Flatbed Case Printer

A1 A2 UV printer for cell phone case printing

UV printer || LST-6590D/T-UVG

  • Specifications of  A1 phone case uv printer || 01
    ➤Print head: DX9*2/XP series
    ➤Max. print resolution: 720*2160 dpi/12 pass ( adjustable)
    ➤Ink colors: CMYK+W+gloss/.Varnish
    ➤Max print size: 65*90*18/20cm ( Model 1 )
    ➤Max print size: 65*90*18/20cm ( Model 2 )
    ➤Print speed: 1) 4 pass: 8 m2 / h
    2) 6 pass: 6 m2 / h
    3) 8 pass: 4 m2 / h
    ➤Ink supply: CISS +Auto white ink stirring +Auto head-clogging-preventing flash sprary

  • Specifications of  A1 phone case uv printer || 02
    ➤Net/Gross weight: 190/220 kg ( Model 1 )
    ➤Net/Gross weight: 220/260 kg ( Model 2 )
    ➤Size: about 168*105*73cm ( Model 1 )
    ➤Pack Size:  175*113*92cm ( Model 1 )
    ➤Size: 169*132*73 cm ( Model 2 )
    ➤Pack Size: about 175*140*92cm ( Model 2 )
    ➤Working condition: Computer system Windows (2000, XP, Vista, 7. 8 .10 etc…)
    ➤Connectivity: Ethernet connection
    ➤Voltage:  110V/220V
    ➤Working power: Approx 200/300W ( Adjustable )
    ➤Operating temperature: 50° to 95°F(10°to35°C)
    ➤Operating humidity:  20% to 80%

A1 A2 UV printer phone case printing machine

UV printer || LST-6590D/T-UVG

  • After Service || Warranty || Packing and Shipping
    1. Online trainning one to one (video calling)
    2. User Manual in English, cd/usb operation video
    1. Printer with 1 year warranty and life-time maintenance
    2. Seller will replace the spare parts of printer for buyer free within 1 year, except print head, cleaning unit,CISS and human damages
    Packing and Shipping
    ➤Package type: Standard Export Fumigation free wooden case/PLYwood case
    ➤Package included:USB cable/power cable/CD driver/manual/ink adding tools
    ➤Shipping Type: Express(DHL,EMS,UPS,TNT,FedEx)/Air shipping/Sea shipping
    ➤Certificate: CE, SGS, MSDS, CO, SASO etc

printer packing and shipping
printer package
printer shipping and packing photo
  • Advantages 01 || Fast Speed A1 UV Phone Case Printer
    1) Double heads printing/3 print heads – 10/11/12/15 channels (3 heads * multi-color channels) high speed printing at same time.
    White and color printing in one round – one head prints white ink and another head print color design, print any design on any color-based material in one time – make work easier and save time and the third print head for gloss/. varnish printing
    2) Ball-screw drive system – more precise table moving, durable life time and weight bearing ability.
    3) White ink stirring system – less ink sediment – better white printing quality and less ink clogging.
    New LST control system – no Paper Jam or General Error – working stable.
    New LST atomized inkjet print system – no ink lines – print effect is very smooth.
    4) Imported JFLO Chain
    Imported chain from brand JFLO which suitable for high speed movement and minimize the damaging hence to extend the lifetime and reduce the maintenance cost
    5) Low Ink Warning System: Ink volume sensor built inside. Light on when ink is in the low level, no troubles for ink using.

A1 UV printing machine
  • Advantages 02 || Fast Speed A1 UV Phone Case Printer
    1. Printing size covers full size at 650*900*180/200mm ( W*L*H )
    2. Printing speed is over 3-4 times faster than ordinary printer machines
    3. Better printing quality than common UV printer, no white ink printing stripe( Zero-line printing )
    5. New Function: Flash jetting
    1) Flash jetting function during standby mode will prevent the printer head from being clogged
    2) After cleaning process, you can print right after flash jetting. No need to suck waste ink and which can save inks

    6. Pause function is available during pringting process
    7. One completed printer head supports white ink printing, which will bring much more colorful printing
    8. The printer, printing software and control panel support Chinese and English language, you can switch by yourself
    9. Printer supports printing white ink and CMYK color ink at the same time and printing gloss/varnish color
    10. High resolution for printing, even for Newspaper and human face printing, which is clear enough.
    11. More function on software: ink Consumption calculation