Project Description

A3+ Factory Price Fast Speed Edible Food Macaron Printing Machine

Model: LSTA3+ = LST-3352D-G.M = LST-3352S-G.M = LSTA3Mini
Printer type: Macaron printer, cake printer,Edible Food Printing Machine,Edible Food Printer,Edible Food Printer Machine
Application : digital food printing machine cake,cupcake,M&M candy,chocolate,macarons,marshmallow,lollipop,cookies,bread,biscuit and so on

Food printing machine for food printing
Food printing photos
  • Specifications of A3 Food Printing Machine

A3 food printing machine

A3 Food Printer || LSTA3+

  • Specifications of  Food Printer Machine || 01

    ➤Printing Speed: 70s for A4 full image, higher resolution means lower speed ( much faster )
    ➤Print Method: Advanced Micro Piezo multicolor pigment inkjet technology intelligent bi-directional printing
    ➤Printer Head: Brand-new original – ( Zero-Cycles), Printer head Protection Intelligent Self Protect System
    ➤Printer Size: 830mm*850mm*600mm
    ➤Printer Resolution: 12/16 pass
    ➤Max Printing Size:  330mm*520mm

  • Specifications of Food Printer Machine || 02

    ➤Print Thickness: 0-180-200mm/8 inch
    ➤Package Size: 100x88x85cm
    ➤Printer Weight(N/G/V.W): 60KG/90kg/125KG
    ➤Height adjustment:Full-automation
    ➤Nozzle Protection: Automatic/Manual cleaning
    ➤Voltage: VAC110-240V, 50~60HZ, power<35W, Adjustable
    ➤Operational environment: T:10°-35°(50°-95°F),Relative humidity: 20-80%
    ➤Ink supply: CISS
    ➤Operating System:Windows7/8/9/10/Me/vista/XP/NT
    ➤Software: RuiCai,Photoshop,CoreIDraw, Illustrator, BR RIP, Micro Office, MengTai etc

A3 mini food macaron printer

Food Printer || LSTA3+

  • Product Features || Food macaron printing Machine

    1. multi-color food printer||edible ink : CMYK+W ( if need )
    2. Platform Material: High quality aluminium alloy + special paint
    3. Automatic: when the materials is higher than the print head,the platform will go down automaticly to protect the print head from hitting,go down automaticly to protect the print head from hitting.
    4. Electric motor: High quality electric motor, ensure the print accuracy and stable
    5. High-tech: High-automatic,no need visual inspection,precise alignment,high resolution,long lifespan
    6. Bi-directional buttering: Ensure precise alignment
    7. Technology: Serve for precise localization before printing
    8. OEM/ODM: Different style can be customized
    9. Print directly,easy operation even general people can do this work.
    10. Multi-function machine: availabkle for printing on cake,cupcake,M&M candys,chocolate,macarons,marshmallow,lollipop,cookies,bread,biscuit and more

  • After Service || Warranty || Packing and Shipping

  • Service
    1. Online trainning one to one (video calling)
    2. User Manual in English, cd/usb operation video

  • Warranty
    1. Printer with 1.5 year warranty and life-time maintenance
    2. Seller will replace the spare parts of printer for buyer free within 1.5 year, except print head, cleaning unit,CISS and human damages

  • Packing and Shipping
    ➤Package type: Standard Export Fumigation free wooden case/PLYwood case
    ➤Package included:USB cable/power cable/CD driver/manual/ink adding tools
    ➤Shipping Type: Express(DHL,EMS,UPS,TNT,FedEx)/Air shipping/Sea shipping
    ➤Certificate: CE, SGS, MSDS, CO, SASO etc

printer packing and shipping
printer package
printer shipping and packing photo
  • Advantages || Fase Speed Food Printer Machine
    1.  Printing size covers full size at 33*52*18/20cm ( W*L*H )
    2. Printing speed is over three times faster than ordinary A3-1390 machines
    3.No need to reset waste ink counter.The x-axis of the printer is a servo motor, and the y-axis is a stepper motor, better for precise print control
    4. New Function: Flash jetting
    1) Flash jetting function during standby mode will prevent the printer head from being clogged
    2) After cleaning process, you can print right after flash jetting. No need to suck waste ink and which can save inks

    5.The printing software has many convenient functions, such as drawing, typing and adjust the size of printing file for directly printing. No need to design printing file from other software like photoshop, AI and more.(common picture formats are supported)
    6.  Pause function is available during pringting process
    7.One completed printer head supports white ink printing, which will bring much more colorful printing
    8.The printer, printing software and control panel support Chinese and English language, you can switch by yourself